Produce your multi-page campaign sites that you want to feature in minutes.

  1. Target E-commerce, Periodic Projects, Campaign Management
  2. Services Quick generated pages within your own domain with pre-designed modules
  3. Case Role Marketing Services
Project Overview:

In your subject-oriented projects that you want to highlight; You can create SEO compatible, multi-page websites with drag-and-drop method in minutes.
Even with low technical knowledge, it enables you to quickly create solutions for dynamic campaigns by creating your websites without any software process.
All you have to do is; Pre-designed modules, create your pages by drag-and-drop. Every page you create will be published on your own domain without additional effort.


Our customer, who wants to produce "landing pages" where he can promote the fair, campaign, product promotion and new products quickly, asked for support for software solution.


Our customer; Instead of standard solutions, we designed the "drag and drop" module system in much more detail. In this way, they could produce thousands of different sites and implement almost unlimited design combinations. We have produced a flawless and dynamic system by integrating SEO management and all other needs into the system.


Thanks to the versatile system produced, 8 different campaign sites were produced within 8 months using only the personnel within the company.

Company; Thanks to these sites produced without incurring any external costs, it has become more responsive to digital needs in a short time. Thanks to this system, which is completely under their control, they have increased their digital competencies and the separate payment / project process etc. they will realize for each campaign site. they got rid of the burdens.