Manage your events with advanced software support.

  1. Target MICE, Event Companies
  2. Services Automated RSVPs, Operation Management, QR Code, Easy Reporting
  3. Case Role 360 Degree Event Management
Project Overview:

You can manage your Customers and Events that belongs to your customers. Can create RSVP form, import participant list and divide them into the groups (for your transfer operations, hotel operations etc.)

You can report all RSVP answers and manage them, mark them and generate QR Codes and Entry Cards with one click. Auto-integrated QR Reader, turnstile system and checkin-checkout reporting.


Needed to manage all processes with cloud platform, to let all departments synchronous. And generate reports for customers after event.


We have created a 360-degree event management solution. In this way, all Event and MICE companies using the system can easily manage all their events. We have created synchronization based on exhibitor lists, operation process management, QR code and input-output management, reporting and inter-departmental authorization.


Returns from activities that are all linked to a cloud-based complex software have become measurable. The load and process on the operation side were completely under control. In this way, the whole process became observable by the managers and the possibility of intervention increased. It; it brought about the reduction of errors in the activities, the reduction of the operational load and the serious cost advantage along with the efficiency.